You may be wondering why you should clean your coffee maker since the only thing that goes into it is clean water. Water causes deposits to clog up the inner tubing and can alter the taste of your coffee. In order to maintain above average taste of your chosen coffee is to clean it regularly. This will ensure that you are not consuming bacteria and will produce the best tasting coffee every time. If you drink coffee on a daily basis then this should be performed on a schedule, enhancing the flavour cup after cup. The pot should be cleaned after each use, if you look at the film that forms on the pot if you leave it un-cleaned for let us say a week, it will appear stained from the beverage. To ensure a sparkling clean pot that renders the best brew every time you use your machine.

Maintaining your machine will extend the life and save you money. To clean your machine and pot follow the simple steps below.

If you have ever gone to a restaurant and watched the hostess clean the coffee pot it is a rather easy method.
• Place a few pieces of ice into the pot
• Add salt
• Lemon
• And a half cup hot water
• Swirl the ice around and the salt, lemon and ice will scrub the sides of the pot cleansing it of any residue that has settle in the form of a film along the walls of the pot.
• Rinse with water and observe the beautifully cleaned glass pot.

To clean the automatic coffee maker follow these simple steps, it will rid the plastic tubing of any residue left behind by the water. Build up definitely changes the taste of your coffee and does not render the best tasting product.

• Place equal amounts of water and white vinegar into the machines water reservoir.
• Run a brew cycle
• The vinegar and water with run through the machine, cleaning any hard water deposits and minerals from the machines tubing
• After you have completed this step run two cycles of water through the machine, this will remove the smell of vinegar from the machine.

If vinegar is not a smell you can handle there are several other methods you can use that will clean the machine just as well. Below is another method that eliminates the build up inside the machine, promoting a good quality cleansing of the inner tubing.

• Replace lemon juice with the vinegar and add equal amounts of water.
• Run a brew cycle
• The acid in the lemon juice will eliminate the build up in the plastic tubing extending the life of the machine
• Repeat with two brew cycles eliminating the chance of lemon taste in your next cycle of coffee

By following these steps the life of your coffee will be extended by years. These inexpensive measures outweigh the purchase of a new machine every year or so. Maintaining any electronic piece of merchandise helps to eliminate the continuous waste of money by needing to replace your items.