A Guide to Mastering Carry-on Only Travel, Even for Longer Trips

Travelling with only carry-on luggage sounds challenging before you try it, but it can be a liberating and money-saving experience once mastered. In the last year and a half I have been on over 30 flights for trips that lasted a minimum of five days with only carry-on luggage. I once travelled with only a regular backpack and a messenger bag for two weeks in South America and packed enough clothing that I never had to do laundry, was prepared for the cold of La Paz and warmth of Lima, and had running attire. Here are my top ten tips for mastering carry-on only travel and still having room for items like souvenirs, gifts, and workout gear.

1. Think versatile. Ensure the clothing and shoes you pack can be worn with many other items, dressed up or down, and worn for multiple occasions. For example, I pack shirts that go with all of the pants, skirts, cardigans, and sweaters I bring, so if one item becomes unavailable, I have something else to wear it with. Make sure that you have one pair of shoes that goes with everything.

2. Avoid bulky items. Jeans and heavy sweaters take up more space, so I suggest focusing on lighter items like pants and/or skirts, which are also more functional than jeans, and cotton, cashmere, or merino wool sweaters, which take up less space. Pack as few pairs of shoes as possible and try to choose light-weight shoes. Wear your bulkiest shoes on the plane.

3. Focus on the trinity: shirts, socks, and underwear. Pack more tops than bottoms since they are more likely to become dirty. Bring more underwear and socks than you need, as these items do not take much space and having extra will save you from doing laundry.

4. Compression bags are a “light” traveler’s best friend. You can bring far more clothes if you compact them into a smaller space with the help of a compression bag. Note that compression bags may not be useful in situations where your bags are smaller.

5. Roll your clothes; do not fold them. Rolling your clothes helps save space and prevent wrinkles.

6. Pack early. Packing a few days to a week in advance gives you time to weed out unnecessary items and think about what you actually need for your trip. It also eliminates the last minute panic that ensues when you find out that you cannot close your bag.

7. Bring toiletry items that are not liquid. Packing more non-liquid toiletries like bar soap, crystal deodorant, sunblock sticks, powder, and eye makeup remover or astringent towelettes saves room in your one quart bag.

8. Pack multi-purpose toiletries. Try to bring toiletries with more than one use, for example castile soap (hand, body, and face cleanser and even shampoo) or a combination toner/eye makeup remover (I highly recommend Caudalíe Cleansing Water). If you can get away with it, bring two-in-one items like combination contact cleaner and solution or all-in-one shampoo and conditioner.

9. Make at least one of your bags multi-use. No matter what the reason for your trip, you will need a bag that serves more than one purpose if you going to succeed as a carry-on only traveller. For example, bring a backpack or messenger bag that holds a laptop or a smaller bag or large purse that can double as your day bag.

10. Use a backpack or backpack/roller bag combo not a roller bag. This advice may seem odd, but I have been on many flights where due to the plane being full, the airline forced some people to check their bags. If you wear your bag on your back, it appears to be less conspicuous and less susceptible to being confiscated for check-in. Also, backpacks are usually more flexible and thus more items can be stuffed into them.

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How To Maintain A Beard

She gave a high sigh; high enough to make me look up from the latest edition of AutoWeek. Her eyes were glued to our giant screen TV where they were broadcasting an interview with Brad Pitt. I gathered that my girlfriend was again falling weak for this sexy hunk. I was just about to concentrate again, when she made her move. “I took you to trim your beard. Why can’t you maintain it? Just look at Pitt. Why can’t you be like him?” I wanted to say “why can’t you be like Jolie?” but I figured she was not in the mood for light conversations. So, I assured that I will take care from now on. Although, I don’t know if I will be able to keep up to my promises, but I don’t want my dear friends to face the same situation. You may have questions regarding how to maintain beard? But let me assure you guys, it is not as difficult as it seems.

The hair on your face is characteristically different from that on your head. So the maintenance procedures are a bit different too. Just start with two simple things. Shampoo and condition it regularly. If your hair is as unruly as mine, then get hold of good conditioners like Craig’s Beard and Stache Butter and make them soft. With this at least women will not think that you are some kind of a caveman on the run! But in order to make your impression stronger than that, here are a few maintenance tips.

Get a Good Beard Shape

A professional will only understand what beard shape will be the most suitable one for you. Therefore, find a good barber and get a good trim of your beard first. After the beard is looking good, you will definitely want to maintain it so that it continues to look good. And if you could trim it yourself, then do not wait for any invitation. Trim your beard and give yourself a tidy appearance.

A shaving Oil

If the shaving oil is clear and good, you will be able to ensure that lines around your beard are clean and not clumsy and untidy.

A Good Trimmer

A quality trimmer is the key to properly shaved and maintained beard. If the trimmer has adjustable trimming guide, then there will be less chances of mistakes. Trimmers are always a better alternative than a pair of scissors. If you want a clean shave, however, you can also use a full sized clipper. This will make overall trimming easier and for closer and cleaner trimming, the small fine-toothed trimmers will do the needful.

Regular Combing

Combing not only frees your beard from any tangles but also renders a well maintained and smooth appearance. Use a fine-toothed comb and run it through the beard in the growth direction of the hair.

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Cleaning Your Automatic Coffee Maker: Why You Should Clean Your Machine

You may be wondering why you should clean your coffee maker since the only thing that goes into it is clean water. Water causes deposits to clog up the inner tubing and can alter the taste of your coffee. In order to maintain above average taste of your chosen coffee is to clean it regularly. This will ensure that you are not consuming bacteria and will produce the best tasting coffee every time. If you drink coffee on a daily basis then this should be performed on a schedule, enhancing the flavour cup after cup. The pot should be cleaned after each use, if you look at the film that forms on the pot if you leave it un-cleaned for let us say a week, it will appear stained from the beverage. To ensure a sparkling clean pot that renders the best brew every time you use your machine.

Maintaining your machine will extend the life and save you money. To clean your machine and pot follow the simple steps below.

If you have ever gone to a restaurant and watched the hostess clean the coffee pot it is a rather easy method.
• Place a few pieces of ice into the pot
• Add salt
• Lemon
• And a half cup hot water
• Swirl the ice around and the salt, lemon and ice will scrub the sides of the pot cleansing it of any residue that has settle in the form of a film along the walls of the pot.
• Rinse with water and observe the beautifully cleaned glass pot.

To clean the automatic coffee maker follow these simple steps, it will rid the plastic tubing of any residue left behind by the water. Build up definitely changes the taste of your coffee and does not render the best tasting product.

• Place equal amounts of water and white vinegar into the machines water reservoir.
• Run a brew cycle
• The vinegar and water with run through the machine, cleaning any hard water deposits and minerals from the machines tubing
• After you have completed this step run two cycles of water through the machine, this will remove the smell of vinegar from the machine.

If vinegar is not a smell you can handle there are several other methods you can use that will clean the machine just as well. Below is another method that eliminates the build up inside the machine, promoting a good quality cleansing of the inner tubing.

• Replace lemon juice with the vinegar and add equal amounts of water.
• Run a brew cycle
• The acid in the lemon juice will eliminate the build up in the plastic tubing extending the life of the machine
• Repeat with two brew cycles eliminating the chance of lemon taste in your next cycle of coffee

By following these steps the life of your coffee will be extended by years. These inexpensive measures outweigh the purchase of a new machine every year or so. Maintaining any electronic piece of merchandise helps to eliminate the continuous waste of money by needing to replace your items.

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Notebook 9

In regards to really utilizing these laptops, there are many similarities. This laptop includes a side of fingerprints. From the outside, both these laptops appear similar. The laptop by no means feels delicate, but obviously to get the amazing light weight, all panels have to be thinner than average. Additionally, it is impressive to understand how far laptops have come in the past few years. There’s a superb choice of laptops to select from that fit this category. In case you are thinking about purchasing used laptops from surplus auctions, one particular thing you should make certain of when purchasing a laptop at auction is to understand what you’re bidding on.

The Notebook 9 isn’t the very best computer in any specific metric it is not the most effective, nor is it the most portable. The Notebook 9 has an integrated fingerprint sensor. At 4.5 lbs, this 15.6-inch notebook feels solid but is a modest slippery, tooyou’ll have to keep a wonderful grip on it. The Samsung Notebook 9 includes a fair quantity of utility and diagnostic software, together with a few parts of bloatware. Though Samsung’s known for nearly every other sort of gadget, the organization’s laptops have been pretty awesome for some time. On occasion, it can be challenging to distinguish 1 laptop from another. The new Samsung Notebook 9-series laptops include a long-lasting battery that could endure for as many as seven hours on a one charge.

The important i5 540M’s turbo mode offers significant standard performance boosts when required. Many alternatives for flip phones continue to be available. Together with extended hours of power life, it’ll be possible to take advantage of this laptop because you might wish the entire day. The reward of the Apple store is they will replace the battery exactly the same moment. Armed with your student ID, you’ll be able to make the most of Apple’s Education discounts. On that note, you are going to be extremely delighted with this Apple offering.

There are various interesting mobile deals out there in many comparison websites. The purchase price of the vehicle DVD player is dependent on whether it comprises the intellectual property rights (IPR) costs. It is a huge factor for most people when it comes to laptops, and between these two there is a significant difference. The cost of this laptop is $398 and it appears to be an exact decent bargain. It’s quite interesting to get this specific product given that Lenovo invested a whole lot of new systems on this laptop.

Macbook Pro’s interface is easy and graceful. The devices are offered for $350. It sells for $49.99. You’re able to browse the device on various stores online when sitting comfortably at your house or on your lunch break on the job. In the event the devices are the products with multiple in 1 function, they are going to have value of over 200 dollars. If at least two devices don’t have any picture whatsoever, there’s an issue with the signal. It is a gorgeous, powerful device for people who are ready to devote the money, but it includes a couple limitations.

Most people today assume the exact same part in Laptop A provides you with the very same performance as Laptop B. Actually, a number of the parts in the modern laptop come from identical manufacturers. Sadly, the battery life is quite weak.

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